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Help / Re: SVN 12550 does not compile
« Last post by gd_on on Today at 09:11:39 pm »
Effectively, wxrc is the tool I use in my batch file. May be I could use it in a better way... that's possible  ???
Help / Re: SVN 12550 does not compile
« Last post by Miguel Gimenez on Today at 09:03:45 pm »
Fixed compilation on MSW-64 bits and some strings that were not translatable in r12551, thanks gd_on for reporting and testing.
General (but related to Code::Blocks) / Re: How to install and use MSYS
« Last post by vicent on Today at 08:49:07 pm »
Thank you!!

I managed to install MSYS2, and then to install GSL using `pacman -S  mingw-w64-gsl`.  :)
Help / Re: SVN 12550 does not compile
« Last post by sodev on Today at 08:38:38 pm »
Poedit does not process XRC files, for this you can use wxrc (that is part of wxWidgets). It reads XRC files and extracts translatable strings (there is some hardcoded logic in that tool to detect translatable strings and the two examples above are supported) into ordinary dummy C++ headers. These headers you can process as usual with Poedit or anything else that can read gettext format.
Help / How to change the default colours of the changebar
« Last post by vicent on Today at 08:15:14 pm »
Dear all,

I've managed to change the colours of the editor, the caret, the vertical line for the 80th column, the margin chrome, the line number section... But I still don't know how to change the green and yellow (or orange, according to some of you) colours that are used in the so-called changebar to mark those lines containing recently saved and unsaved changes, respectively.

I do want to use the changebar (I know that it can be disabled), but I would prefer having softer colours in it so that I do not get distracted when typing.

So, is it something that can be customised? Should I directly go to modify the `default.conf` file, or is it there any menu option to change this??

I look forward to your answers.
Help / Re: SVN 12550 does not compile
« Last post by gd_on on Today at 08:07:10 pm »
I know how to extract chains from xrc files. I do that with a cmd file. It's in,1022.0.html. I published some time ago my batch tools.
So I use poedit, only for the translation.

Help / Re: SVN 12550 does not compile
« Last post by Miguel Gimenez on Today at 07:37:16 pm »
The problem is not really the "Find", that can be easily modified, but the "Replace" and all other visible texts from the dialog. They are embedded in findreplacedlg.xrc with XML like this:


so POedit won't find them and they will never be replaced. Even if you instruct POedit to detect those strings, there is no call to _() for them so they won't be translated.

I really don't know how translation of an XRC can be done, apart from creating one version per language.

EDIT: looks like the XRC loader call wxGetTranslation(), will investigate... But the POedit problem is still there.
Help / Re: SVN 12550 does not compile
« Last post by gd_on on Today at 07:10:28 pm »
With this micropatch, it compiles and works.
Two small things:
  • the text in the upper tabs are "Find" and "Find in files". They are not tranlated in my french version. May be a _T is used somewhere instead of a _.
  • in find_replace.cpp, line 278, _T is used. May be a _ should be used because those chains may be translated.
Anyway, thanks for your reactivity

Should the changes in r11401 be ported to CodeBlocks_wx31_64.cbp?. Currently, sources compiling OK in 32 bits fail when compiling in 64 bits due to CB_PRECOMP being undefined and NOPCH being defined in the 64 bits project.

Help / Re: SVN 12550 does not compile
« Last post by Miguel Gimenez on Today at 03:52:33 pm »
Here compiles OK (wx3.1.5 with MinGW-w64).

May be related to precompiled headers, they depend on CB_PRECOMP being defined in project options.

Can you try this micropatch in findreplacedlg.cpp:23?

    #include <wx/radiobox.h>
+  #include <wx/regex.h>
    #include <wx/sizer.h>
+  #include <wx/stattext.h>
    #include <wx/textctrl.h>

EDIT: found the problem, CB_PRECOMP is defined in CodeBlocks_wx31.cbp but not in CodeBlocks_wx31_64.cbp.
EDIT2: in CodeBlocks_wx31_64.cbp CB_PRECOMP is not defined and NOPCH is defined, so precompilation is disabled.

To CB_PRECOMP or not to CB_PRECOMP?. That is the question. Meanwhile, I will apply the micropatch in trunk tonight.
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