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Nightly builds / Re: The 25September 2022 build (12908) is out.
« Last post by dkulp on Today at 02:41:20 pm »
The Mac version doesn't work for me.   Crashes on startup.   Looking through things, the wxwidgets build seems to be messed up.   It's linking against a library that isn't included: /usr/local/opt/pcre2/lib/libpcre2-32.0.dylib

I don't have that lib on my system (at least not in that location) so it fails to start.

Nightly builds / Re: The 25September 2022 build (12908) is out.
« Last post by Xaviou on Today at 01:42:15 pm »

OS X version of this rev can be downloaded from my Google Drive.
There is only a macOS-11.6 version.
Note that it is not a notarized version of the application.

32 bits version for Windows can also be found in the same place (wx-3.1.7 with the aui patch).

Debian Buster and Bullseye (32 and 64 bits) can be installed from my repo.

Nightly builds / Re: The 25September 2022 build (12908) is out.
« Last post by Commaster on Today at 01:20:21 pm »
ok great, I will skip 3.2.0 and then use this one when I step up, and no more need for the patch for wxaui
this weekend I will make a new nightly, first one still 3.1.7 based.

I guess next one?
Nightly builds / Re: The 25September 2022 build (12908) is out.
« Last post by AndrewCot on Today at 01:12:58 pm »
Sorry, but got to ask and if not soon shoot me down ASAP (say "Go away until I get time and stop asking" or in your own words go away).

Any estimate on when Windows x64 nightly C::B built with WX3.2.1. will be officially released as a nightly?
Nightly builds / The 25September 2022 build (12908) is out.
« Last post by killerbot on Today at 09:16:52 am »
We switched to wx 3.1.7 (with an extra patch applied on 13 August 2022) --> download the new wx dll's see link below

If you tested the 22 january nightly you may find your compiler executable has changed from gcc.exe to mingw32-gcc.exe and g++.exe to mingw32-g++.exe. Please correct this, you won't be asked again.

Get quick announcements through the RSS feed

Before you use a nightly make sure you understand how it works.

A link to the unicode windows wxWidget dll(s) for Code::Blocks :
A link to Mingw64 dll's needed by Code::Blocks :

The 25 September 2022 build is out.
  - Windows :
  - Linux :

The current SDK version is : 2.22.0

Resolved Fixed:

  • SDK: Add cbArtProvider::CreateBitmapBundle() (part of #1297).
  • wxSmith: Fix compilation in STL mode.
  • updated wxPdfDocument library for source_exporter plugin
  • updated hunspell library for SpellChecker plugin
  • removed old, no longer working file (applied ticket #1291: Redundant file - src\mac_pack)
  • applied patch #1287: Update SpellChecker due to use of deprecated functions used & remove hunspell source. Thanks Andrew!
  • applied (slightly modified) follow-up patch #1287: Update SpellChecker due to use of deprecated functions used & remove hunspell source
  • SDK: Fix icon size in AnnoyingDialog when using HiDPI (part or #1297).
  • Correct notebook icon sizes when using HiDPI with wxWidgets >= 3.1.6 (part of #1297).
  • Fix menu icons in HiDPI with wxWidgets >= 3.1.6 (end of #1297).
  • Fix a long standing bug in notebook when using HiDPI.
  • Fix HiDPI on image lists (wxTreeCtrl, debugger).
  • Add cbLoadBitmapBundleFromSVG().
  • Spellchecker: Use flags in SVG with wxWidgets >= 3.1.6.
  • Fix hangs when returning focus to C::B (ticket #1168, thanks pecan).
  • Fix assert on MAC (ticket #1313, thanks Andrew Cottrell).
  • Fix MAC ability to run console apps (ticket #1315, thanks Andrew Cottrell).
  • Fix detection of multiple deleted files (ticket #575).
  • FileManager: Fix access to settings (mixed 'hiden' and 'hidden').

Regressions/Confirmed/Annoying/Common bugs:

    Plugins development / Re: Code completion using LSP and clangd
    « Last post by ollydbg on Today at 04:21:30 am »
    I have a question:

    LSP_ParseSemanticTokens(), what does this function used for?

    I see this code:

    // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    void Parser::OnLSP_RequestedSemanticTokensResponse(wxCommandEvent& event)  //(ph 2021/03/12)
    // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
        if (GetIsShuttingDown()) return;

        // This is a callback after requesting textDocument/Symbol (request done at end of OnLSP_RequestedSymbolsResponse() )
        // Currently, we allow SemanticTokens for the BuiltinActiveEditor only,

        // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
        ///  GetClientData() contains ptr to json object
        ///  DONT free it! The return to OnLSP_Event() will free it as a unique_ptr
        // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
        json* pJson = (json*)event.GetClientData();
        wxString idStr = event.GetString();
        wxString URI = idStr.AfterFirst(STX);
        if (URI.Contains(STX))
            URI = URI.BeforeFirst(STX); //filename

        wxString uriFilename = fileUtils.FilePathFromURI(URI);      //(ph 2021/12/21)
        cbEditor*  pEditor =  nullptr;
        cbProject* pProject = nullptr;
        EditorManager* pEdMgr = Manager::Get()->GetEditorManager();
        EditorBase* pEdBase = pEdMgr->IsOpen(uriFilename);
        if (pEdBase)
            pEditor = pEdMgr->GetBuiltinActiveEditor();
            if (not pEditor or (pEditor->GetFilename() != uriFilename))
            ProjectFile* pProjectFile = pEditor->GetProjectFile();
            if (pProjectFile) pProject = pProjectFile->GetParentProject();
            if ( (not pProjectFile) or (not pProject) ) return;
            ParserBase* pParser = GetParseManager()->GetParserByProject(pProject);
            if (not pParser)
        else return;

        if (not pProject) pProject = Manager::Get()->GetProjectManager()->GetActiveProject();
        ProcessLanguageClient* pClient = GetLSPClient();

        // Queue the the json data to OnLSP_ParseDocumentSymbols() event, passing it the json pointer
        // The json data will be placed in a queue to be processed during OnIdle() events. //(ph 2021/09/11)
        wxCommandEvent symEvent(wxEVT_COMMAND_MENU_SELECTED, XRCID("textDocument/semanticTokens"));
        LSP_ParseSemanticTokens(symEvent); //Call directly

    The last line:
    LSP_ParseSemanticTokens(symEvent); //Call directly

    This use the our old-CC's parsing code, for example

    // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Token* LSP_SymbolsParser::DoHandleClass(EClassType ct, int lineNumber, int lastLineNumber, int endCol)            //(ph 2021/05/15)
    // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
        // need to force the tokenizer _not_ skip anything
        // as we 're manually parsing class decls
        // don't forget to reset that if you add any early exit condition!
        TokenizerState oldState = m_Tokenizer.GetState();
    Using Code::Blocks / Re: Watches: Further expansion of structs
    « Last post by AndrewCot on Today at 02:07:42 am »
    I would advise:
    After adding the pointer to the watch window do the following:
    • Select the variable by clicking once on the row
    • Right click and select the "properties" in the pop up context menu
    • In the array group do the following:
    • check the [X] Watch as array
    • Enter the number of elements in the struct as the Count
    • Now the pointer to the struct will be shown as an array of the count you entered
    • You can now expand each element to see the data.
    Using Code::Blocks / Re: Watches: Further expansion of structs
    « Last post by stuarte on Yesterday at 02:19:50 pm »
    Hi Andrew,

    Please find attached file CB_Full_Log.txt.

    Using Code::Blocks / Re: Watches: Further expansion of structs
    « Last post by stuarte on Yesterday at 02:13:38 pm »
    Hi Andrew,

    Here is the data requested:

    1. C::B version you are using?     20.03 build 2020-04-18, 19:47:24 - wx3.0.4 - gcc 9.3.0 (Linux, unicode) - 64 bit
    2. GDB version you are using?       9.2-0ubuntu1-20.04.1      **(according to Synaptic)
    3. Compiler and version used.     GCC 4:9.3.0-1ubuntu2        **(according to Synaptic)
    4. Compiler options used.           None.
    5. OS & version used                  Kubuntu 20.04.1 (continuously updated!)
    6. Settings->Dubugger->Common already/always set to "Full (debug) log".

    How do I copy the contents of "Logs & others" window, Debugger tab to a text editor, or can this log be found in a particular place ?

    How do I attach my current project to a forum reply ?
    I tried using the forum attachments tool to attach the project folder but when I clicked on "Open" it merely opened the project folder.

    Using Code::Blocks / Re: Watches: Further expansion of structs
    « Last post by AndrewCot on Yesterday at 12:57:44 pm »
    Can you let us know the following so I can have a look at it tomorrow if I get time:
    • C::B version you are using?
    • GDB version you are using?
    • Compiler and version used.
    • Compiler options used.
    • OS & version used
    • Can you attach a debug log of the program being run including when you expand the variable with Settings->Debugger->Common setting for 'Full (debug) log" ticked as it then shown a bunch more info in the debugger log output. Zip up the log as it can get big.
    All of these can/may/will affect the ability to debug or how debugging works.  For example GDB 8.1 has issues and some GCC version's still run some optimize passes even with -Og  enabled.
    If you have time could I also get a small project and source to save me time setting up a program to test with the latest C::B and GCC 12.1 and GDB 12.1 on Windows? I can also test on Xubunu 22.04 or LM 21.0.
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