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--- Quote ---If you look at Tim's pull request, you will see that Direct2D is enabled for building C::B, so I guess the answer is Yes.  :)

--- End quote ---

It's only one issue and will help building wxWidgets as it will mean you do not have to manually change the define, BUT the standard MSYS2 wxWidget 3.1.5 source did not include private wxwidget directories that C::B requires to build and as such I will wait for it to pop up in my pacman updates.


--- Quote from: ollydbg on May 29, 2022, 11:19:53 am ---Well, I saw yesterday, the package information, it shows: Ready for upload.
And now, it shows: Ready for upload but waiting for dependencies.

--- End quote ---

wx 3.1.6 is on the msys2 package now, see:

Now, the msys2 project is ready for wx 3.7Base Package: mingw-w64-wxWidgets3.1 - MSYS2 Packages

That's Tim's work, great!


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