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I have successfully got C::B building automatically on the following Github repo on push and pull_request for Linux and MacOS at the moment:

All of the bits required to get Windows building using the github actions are in the repo using a very similar process to Linux, apart from the deb step as the repo has the changes to build windows using the bootstrap/configure/make process.

If you need to work on Github actions then you may want to check out the following repo as it allows you to test the workflow and steps on your PC instead of github:

* order to checkout wxwidgets repo you will need to do the following:
a) Create a a Personal Access Token
b) Create a .secrets file with the following line in it:

* GITHUB_TOKEN=replaceThisTextWithYourPersonalAccessTokenThe following is the command line I have been using to test the Windows workflow on my Windows 10 PC from a windows command prompt:

* .\bin\Runner.Client.exe --workflow .github\workflows\Windows-continuous-integration.yml --event push --payload CB_test.json -P windows-2019=-self-hostedThe CB_test.json file is:
    "inputs": {
        "x": "Hello World from event"

Nice work!

But this is a complex task for me.  :(

Can you open the issue system in your git repo:  acotty/CodeBlocks_Unofficial_Testing: Unofficial GIT clone of C::B repo in SourceForge (maintained by C::B developer, accepts patches or pull requests)

So that people can discussion issues here.

Once you have finished the Windows build action tweaks, I will fork and try it.  ;)

I have enabled issues and discussions.
I have been fighting the Windows github actions for days now and have made allot of progress, but have not got C::B building.

The wxWidget build script has a work around for a bug in wxWidget where it does not create the /lib/gcc_dll/mswu/wx directory if -j is not 0 when doing the "mingw32-make.... setup.h" step. I have raised an issue (, but it was closed as it was a dup of 14470 that has been open since 2012!!!! yes 10 years old and a such I do not think it will get fixed.
The bash scripts have a allot of error checking, but could be re-worked to move code into functions to make it more maintainable.
Once I have the workflow building C::B I will then post that it is building. I will then need to look at the next stage of packaging the build (for Linux, MacOS and Windows) and then saving the artifacts (results). I will only package and upload the artifacts on a Git tag.

I finally have C::B windows building on Github actions, but it takes ages (3hrs) in total from start to generating the C::B exe. It does not include generating the installer as this step is failing. If anyone can help reduce the time I would gratefully appreciate the help, but be aware that building locally and building on Github are not the same as the Github environment is a 2xCPU virtual Windows 2019 machine.

Next to start working on the installer step and then work on the packaging for Linux and MacOS.


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