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no fullscreen on 2071
« on: February 24, 2006, 11:24:06 pm »
just compiled the latest svn version (Version 1.0 revision 2071 (gcc 4.0.2 Linux/unicode, build: Feb 24 2006 22:17:35)) on my ubuntu breezy laptop and have to mention two bugs i found :

1. View->Fullscreen does absolutely nothing, not even write an error-message into the terminal i started Code::Blocks from
2. when saving files on a FAT32 partition Code::Blocks pops up a message box (see attachment). actually this is completely right, but i am not sure if i really want to be told that again and again when working on my project...
(the german text in it means "this operation isn't allowed")

good things to note : compiled without a hassle!

apart from that : just great, looks and *feels* good (if i wanted to use an IDE that doesn't feel good i would still use vi :-P)
was a little bit astounished since i didn't try a new version apart from RC1.0rc2 for quite a bit of time.
good work, looking forward to the final version!

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