Author Topic: What year is it question for forum registration seems to be incorrect  (Read 6780 times)

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When registering for this forum I was asked a number of questions to help ascertain whether or not I am human. One of them was "What year is next?" or something similar. Am I just being dense here or is the correct answer to that 2022? I changed it to 2021 and it worked.

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As far as I know this should have been fixed by now.
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This problem has not been solved. When i entered 2025 it didnt accept my answer. I changed my to 2024 it accepted my answer. Maybe they left it as it is intentionally (for security reasons)

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I just registered yesterday and had the same problem.
The registration asks for next year but 2025 is not accepted.
When I tried 2024 it was accepted 😅