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[Tuto]Build codeblocks with Mageia7.
« on: April 19, 2020, 07:01:24 pm »
This a small tutorial from my own web site:

Here the translation:

Download the sources:
For this small tutorial, i propose to create a folder: Codeblocks.
And to open a console at this path.

The hierarchy will be like that:
           *-/bin                         # binaries generated by the command
           |                              # «make install»
           *-/codeblocks-code*            # sources
           |                 |
           |                 *-configure  # generate by «bootstrap»
           *                     # This script generate the «configure»
                                          # file, make and build the solution.
                                          # The binaries will be install into
                                          # the «bin» folder.

svn checkout codeblocks-code

The folder will be like that:

It's propable that the transfer failed lots of time. To pass-through you have to repeat the checkout like that:
cd codeblocks-code
svn cleanup
cd ..
svn checkout codeblocks-code

Install the dependancies:
Remark for hunspell select your languages.
urpmi autoconf libtool automake lib64squirrel-devel hunspell hunspell-fr hunspell-en lib64hunspell-devel lib64wxgtku3.0-devel lib64tinyxml-devel lib64gamin-devel

Update the repository, build and install localy:

The build will be install into the folder Codeblocks/bin.
To that execute the next script in the Codeblocks folder.
# Absolute path to this script, e.g. /home/user/bin/
SCRIPT=$(readlink -f "$0")
# Absolute path this script is in, thus /home/user/bin
cd codeblocks-code
svn revert --recursive .
svn update
# You can call «cd codeblock-code | svn cleanup --remove-unversioned» before to launch this script to clean all the generated files.
if [ -f ./configure ]; then
    make clean
    make distclean
    make clean-bin
    make clean-zipfiles   
./configure --prefix="$SCRIPTPATH/bin" --with-contrib-plugins=all
make -j $(($(nproc) -1))
make install


./configure: line 21397: AM_OPTIONS_WXCONFIG: command not found
./configure: line 21398: syntax error near unexpected token `3.0.0,'
./configure: line 21398: `AM_PATH_WXCONFIG(3.0.0, wxWin=1)'
Maybe you have generate the ./configure file before to have install the wx3 dev libraries. You can try to clean all the generated files like that:

cd codeblock-code
svn cleanup --remove-unversioned
cd ..

After that call again the last script

If it doesn't work you can begin an investigation here:
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Re: [Tuto]Build codeblocks with Mageia7.
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2020, 08:34:21 am »
Thank you for the instructions!

If you have the time, could you also add it to the wiki? Login should be the same as the forum. If this does not work, please report back!

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