Author Topic: How to avoid the reopening of all tabs when I open a C file from a file manager?  (Read 2171 times)

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I use Code::Blocks as C and C++ text editor to have code completion, without creating a project.

Whenever I open a file from a file manager (or using xdg-open), it reopens all the tabs I closed in the current session, it's very annoying.
And it's even more annoying that the focused tab is not the file I opened, but something else.

Is there a way to disable this behavior?

I expect that it opens just a single tab - the requested file, not all other closed tabs.

I'm on Ubuntu, I don't have Windows.

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Have you tried
Settings->Environment->General Settings->Layout options and On project load?

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If you did not close Code::Blocks between closing a file and opening the next one, you might have stumbled over a wxWidgets(< 3.0)-bug, that does not clear the commandline of a running process:,21471.msg146311.html#msg146311 and therefore adds the new file to the already existing list of files to open.