Author Topic: ThreadSearch 0.10 release (Windows only !!)  (Read 3577 times)

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ThreadSearch 0.10 release (Windows only !!)
« on: December 15, 2007, 10:05:38 pm »
Hi all !

ThreadSearch plugin v0.10 is here !
As previous release, it runs only on window  :(

Features :
  • multi-threaded "Search in files"
  • preview of the results (left single click on log window)
  • file open (left double click on log window)
  • check boxes instead of radio boxes to allow searches with both project and directories for example.
  • contextual menu "Find occurrences" to start a search in files with the word under cursor (can be activated or not)

Why ?
  • I am working on very big projects (700 Mo of cpp, h files) and text searches take up to 5 minutes. It is very frustrating being blocked because of the search. It is now possible to continue editing code during searches.
  • I do not like leaving the editor position to browse 'Search in files' resuts. There is now the 'Code preview' to do this with possibility to open the file at the right position.

What's new ?
Nothing  :wink:
This release is here to comply with new logger system appeared in SVN 4606.

Installation :
Note :
SVN release 4734 or later is required !

Extract the source code in src\plugins\contrib\ThreadSearch, open the CodeBlocks project and build it. The .cbplugin is generated in src\plugins\contrib\ThreadSearch\plugin and is ready for install.

User manual
Here is the wiki page

Feel free to send feedbacks !  :)