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Hi all,

I know it's quite common question here, but can anyone from you gurus give a step by step introduction to us newbees ?

I'd like to start use codeblock for application development using wxWidgets. I am a newbee to gcc compiler, makefiles and so on. Regardless this fact, I was able to compile wxWidgets according to information presented as 'wxWidgets installation instructions' and 'Compiling wxWidgets to develop CodeBlock'. But I don't want to compile CB. I only want to start to use them together with wxWidgets to make some application.  :?

I've spent 4days by reading webpages (wxWidgets, MinGW, CodeBlocks, ...) but I am unable to compile at least some "Hello world" application using wxWidgets.  :(  I have installed MinGW, wxWidgets (compiled according instructions), but I have still problems to compile teh default wxWidgets project, that is available in CB 'Create new project'. I've manage to set the directories for compiler, linker and so on, but still have same errormessages about undefined reference to some classes.   :?

So is somebody here able to place some steps from the begining to successfully compiled 'Hello world' window using wxWidgets ?
I want to learn all that stuff around compiler parameters and so on, but first I'd like to be able to compile at least some stupid example.

It would be nice if it cover these steps:
1) download MinGW, install, set the PATH ...
2) download wxWidgets, install
3) compile wxWidgets  a) debug   b)release  (set all the parameters as you gurus think is best for each version)
4) set the CodeBlock default compiler, linker, ... properties
5) download the simplest GUI example using wxWidgets (i hope you can write some really easy, and give here to downlad even with CB project file)
6) compile with debug version
7) compile with release version a try final .exe

I know it will be booring for you to write so easy and clear informations for you, but it will help newbies to start using codeblock and wxWidgets. And after some time maybe even them will become more familiar with all of that details around and start to help here with advices  :)


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Re: step by step to first app using wxWidgets, not only compile :(
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2005, 06:28:45 pm »
Ahmar: Let's hope that your building of wxwidgets wasn't wasted time. Try to find a wxmsw.lib in your wxwidgets directory tree (it should be in the same place that the dll's).

Add that directory in the "linker directory" of your global compiler settings.

Then add the wxwidgets include directory in your "compiler directories" and cross your fingers! :)