Author Topic: Announcement: Projects Options Manipulator Plugin  (Read 4653 times)

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Announcement: Projects Options Manipulator Plugin
« on: April 18, 2015, 04:16:36 pm »
For those of you that didn't know or didn't looked into it so far:

There is a new plugin called "Projects Options Manipulator Plugin" that allows you to manipulate projects options such as:
- (resource-) compiler/linker options
- (resource-) compiler/linker paths
- linker libs
- projects environment variables
You can...
- search/list for options that are present / not present
- add/remove/change options
- remove file w/o target
- ...and more a workspace or project at project and/or target level.

So if you want to harmonise your settings in projects, this is the plugin you need for it...

It already ships with recent nightlies, the next nightly will have additional significant improvements.

Edit: To make it more clear, a screenshot is attached.
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