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Usage of LLC-WIN32 compiler
« on: November 02, 2012, 11:20:10 am »
I'm trying to use Code::Block with LCC-WIN32 compiler.

To resolve warning of new projet wizard I have to add in common_functions.script

function WarningsOn(base, compilerID)
    else if( GetCompilerFactory().CompilerInheritsFrom(compilerID, _T("lcc")) )
function DebugSymbolsOn(base, compilerID)
    else if (GetCompilerFactory().CompilerInheritsFrom(compilerID, _T("lcc")))
function OptimizationsOn(base, compilerID)
    else if (GetCompilerFactory().CompilerInheritsFrom(compilerID, _T("lcc")))


Debug is another problem. LCC-WIN32 use debugger included in interface, so no way for it. LCC-WIN32 Compiler add debug info in CodeView format (old Microsoft debug format). And it add 3 sections, one COFF, one proprietary, one CodeView.
I try GDB, but it doesn't understand CodeView. I try CDB, it understand CodeView but I nerver succeed with line debugging. Symbols name are ok (functions, global var), but lines are not handled.
So I use another solution : convert CodeView to PDB. It's possible with cv2pdb
But here, another problem (v0.25), it doesn't handle multiple debug sections, and failed. So a little patch permit to work (see Active Ticket 8). This soft use mspdb100.dll (or other), so a Visual Studio or Visual Express should be installed to used it ! CDB (now full Windows Kits) is not enought
To automatically integrate all stuff, I modified compiler link commands in CB : and added for each link command :
cv2pdb -C $exe_output

Outside of this scope, I made a "portable" version of all this stuff. I managed to extract DLL needed to have portable version of CDB and cv2pdb and CB in about 33Mo

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Re: Usage of LLC-WIN32 compiler
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2012, 02:43:44 pm »
Interesting works. Are you aware that there is an on-going development of a more improved version of the CDB debugger? This might help. (I don't have a link at hand, but just search the forums.).

Concerning the rest of your improvements: If it affect the Core of C::B or plugins send in patches. For example, a patch to fix the wizard is easy to integrate and pretty straight-forward.
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