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wxWidgets with Code::Blocks
« on: December 09, 2011, 01:51:26 pm »
I am running Ubuntu 11.10,and C::B version is 10.05.

Now this is the problem... when I create a wxWidgets empty project,include the herderfile<wx/wx.h>and <wx/frame.h>,type "wxFrame" in, the auto completion dialog pops up. It does not list wxFrame but only wxFrameBase. For all the GUI classes, it only finds the classes with Base appended to the end (i.e: wxFrameBase, wxButtonBase, etc.). How do I fix this?

All the examples that I tried compile just fine.
The file<wx/frame.h>include other files depend defined macro,such as:
// include the real class declaration
#if defined(__WXUNIVERSAL__) // && !defined(__WXMICROWIN__)
    #include "wx/univ/frame.h"
#else // !__WXUNIVERSAL__
    #if defined(__WXPALMOS__)
        #include "wx/palmos/frame.h"
    #elif defined(__WXMSW__)
        #include "wx/msw/frame.h"
    #elif defined(__WXGTK20__)
        #include "wx/gtk/frame.h"
    #elif defined(__WXGTK__)
        #include "wx/gtk1/frame.h"
    #elif defined(__WXMOTIF__)
        #include "wx/motif/frame.h"
    #elif defined(__WXMAC__)
        #include "wx/osx/frame.h"
    #elif defined(__WXCOCOA__)
        #include "wx/cocoa/frame.h"
    #elif defined(__WXPM__)
        #include "wx/os2/frame.h"
the real wxFrame class is defined in wx/gtk/frame.h in ubuntu,it seems C::B auto completion feature could not automatically find the class declare,how do I solve it? 
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Re: wxWidgets with Code::Blocks
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2011, 03:57:01 am »
Try a nightly build, but I really doubt it has been implemented.
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