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debugger requests
« on: May 05, 2008, 04:53:51 am »
some little requests to make the debugger experience better. (mine experience sure, but maybe someone else's too, huh? =)

1) hi-lite the current execution line, not only with the yellow triangle, but with the whole line marked in user specified color.
2) make it simpler adding/editing watches. currently it is very non-ergonomic.
  a) you cannot edit watch without a mouse (although you can add watch!)
  b) you cannot even switch focus to the watches window without a mouse.
      (although you can show/hide it, the focus will not change)
      (well, maybe YOU can switch focus without a mouse, I cannot, there must be some trick?)
  c) even when you use the defined shortcut to "add watch" it still requires too much operations.
     consider Visual Studio way, in VS if you just start typing in watches window you already entering a name of a new watch or changing a name of the watch in the current line. You can also press F2 in VS to edit a name of the watch.
     or alternatively consider BCB way, you press Ins to add, Del to delete, Enter to edit.