Author Topic: Anyone wants to help to maintain cb packages in the opensuse buildservice  (Read 3241 times)

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Hi @ll,

the reason why I have built just some nightlies the last weeks (or even months  :shock: ) is lack of time and the switch to the opensuse buildservice (obs).
On the obs it's possible to build packages for suse 10.0-factory (development version), Fedora Core 5-6 with extras and FC7, mandriva 2006, debian etch and ubuntu 6.06 + 7.04 (seems to be only the standard repo, no universe or anything else).

What's my "problem":

The obs only allows to build against packages on the obs (security, legal, ... reasons). So if the distribution doesn't have wxgtk 2.8 I can't build cb against it.

What I want to do:
I want to take wxgtk packages from repos that are usually used with the corresponding distri to the obs and compile codeblocks against these. This way i can say to use the cb package but nobody needs an extra repo entry for the wxgtk package. I think maintaining an extra wxgtk package would be too much and doubled work.

My second problem:
I don't know which repo is the most used and best one to take the wxgtk package from. I know suse very good, but the other distris only little.

If somebody is interested, you need this to get access to the obs:
1. a novell account (one acc for nearly everything, bugzilla, opensusewiki, obs, ...)
2. your acc has to be additionally activated for the obs by mailing the obs team. If you write that you want to help to maintain codeblocks, you should be granted :)

Some links:

Daniel (TheTuxKeeper in obs ;))
Nightly builds for openSUSE