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Programming ToDos
« on: July 09, 2005, 12:35:48 pm »
Well, I was wondering, since the TODO list in the non-cvs sources (aka the tgz submitted to sf) seems a little outdated... I wanted to know, from these, which ones havent been implemented yet in cvs?

* Files Tree popup menu: save, save all, close, close all, compile, hide (tree)
* Add extra panel for plugins' combo boxes below toolbar
  (a panel with boxsizer should do)
* optimize parser by either changing the event type (NOT wxCommandEvent) or
      by keeping a separate event queue
* Create parser cache      
* Add "Set file associations now" button to the settings
* (low priority) Add CVS plugin
* Set up "static wxwidgets" template so it will compile correctly
* Add support for local objects' code completion: mystring. (hint should appear)
* Ctrl+click'ing include file
* jump to implmentation / click to swap between header and implementation
* Allow running program as parameter of external exe(cross platform development)
* Replace compiler macros in "programs" ($exe_output)
* More friendly search results handling (selection stuff)

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Programming ToDos
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2005, 04:27:08 am »
Stan:  (I can call you that, right? ;-) ) This is why the sourceforge Bugs and RFE's "browse" feature is for.

Just in case you're lazy, here are some of the things I know:

* Files Tree popup menu: Done.
* Extra panel for plugins: Replaced with wxDockit on Mandrav's source (not uploaded yet)
* Optimize parser by blablabla: Dunno, we've done so much with this one that I've lost the count of changes done :P
* Parser cache: Done.
* Set file associations now: NOT done yet.
* CVS Plugin: In the works.
* static wxwidgets template: Done.
* Support for local something in code completion: Dunno (not to be confused with 'Done' :lol: )
* Ctrl-clicking include file: NOT done yet.
* Jump to implem... : Done.
* Program as param of external exe: Don't know, I think not.
* Compiler macros in "programs"? Forgot too.
* More friendly search results handling: Done. It also has multi-file search :)


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Programming ToDos
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2005, 06:12:08 am »
Ok thanks, good to know. And yeah, Ive browsed the sourceforge Bugs and RFE's, but most of them are too old, never updated, and not assigned to anyone so Its hard to tell

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