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"Starting debugger: failed"
« on: July 08, 2006, 07:52:29 am »
I'm using Windows XP, with version 6.3.2 of GDB, and I don't have a clue about how to use the debugger with Code::Blocks. I've set the switches to produce debugging symbols, and I've also pointed to the gdb.exe executable.

For some reason, whenever I "start debug" (usually by pressing F8), it says "Starting debugger: failed" in the log window. Does anyone know what could be going wrong?

EDIT: If I manually run GDB, when I "run", it says "Error creating process", followed by the executable's file-name and path (which are displayed correctly), followed by "(error 193)".

EDIT 2: I've worked out why the problem is occuring. It's a bug in the Windows port of GDB. If I copy the program to C:, for example, it runs fine in GDB, but if, like in the example in that link, it's somewhere in "C:\Documents and Settings\" then it fails to run the program. I've noticed that it uses a forward-slash rather than a back-slash for the last slash in the path, which is obviously one of the things causing it to fail, since Windows does not interpret them as directory-seperators. Does anyone know of a working workaround to this?
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