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I already enabled the cache and the parsing of global and local includes... still the parser seem to leave out some stuff. I also experienced a crash on startup when I had cache enabled - codeblocks refused to start until i disabled it in registry.

will run some more tests and get back to this thread with more detailed feedback.

I't the combination of "parse GLOBAL includes" and "use cache" that crashes the codecompletion plug. It might have something to do with how I set my paths to the compiler. I tried using the codeblocks settings with no luck and now use the environment variables "LIB" and "INCLUDE" I bet the codecompletion plug doesn't search those paths - it's pretty microsoft specific I guess.
What is the correct way of setting it up? thanks.

the parsing only to work for files that are added directly to the project.

I tried creating a simple class in a file called "ParseTest.h".

I placed the file in my visual toolkit include dir, and included it as a global include <ParseTest.h> - no dice
I event tried adding that directory to the project include's instead of just having it set in the global settings->compiler dialog.
I then moved it to my project folder and included it as "ParseTest.h" again it compiled ok, but no parsing
Only when I added the file to the project it was recognized by the codecompletion plugin.

Hmmmmmmmm.... strange indeed.
Yes, the environment variables are microsoft-specific. You have to add the include directories in Project's Properties, etc. But I'm not sure about the parser analysing global includes.

Regarding the crash, do you happen to have "parse preprocessor directives" enabled in the codecompletion plugin? I think it crashed for me once when it was disabled.

the include directories were added to project properties and the IDE compiler settings, didn't make a difference - you cannot reproduce the bug on your system?


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