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Why code completion not work for example with WNDCLASSEX, RECT and not work , if file, with new classes, is not saved?

I have WinXP, AMD XP2.4GHz with 512MB RAM

Version is 1.0-beta7

It's by design. Code completion was designed to parse only saved files.

Hey Rick and other devs - thanks a buch for opensourcing this marvellous IDE. And I was so close to buying visual studio...

Some things i'd love to see in the code completion plugin:

parse templated classes and typedefs or whatever keeps me from getting code-completion on my stadard template library objects.

you do parse includes like #include <vector> or #include<windows.h> right? or maybe that's the thing...

strong code completion is a big issue for me so I appreciate the recent improvements in the latest version. I have tried to look at the code but it's a bit of a mouthfull - I don't have that much spare time at the moment.

The options for codecompletion are in the main menu, under "Settings, configure plugins".

Yes, includes are parsed too if you set it up. Just make sure to grab a cup of coffee and enable both "codecompletion cache" and "parse external includes". When the parsing's finished, you can safely close the project.

I'm not sure if this is correct, but AFAIK included files aren't parsed separately but per-project instead, so unfortunately you'd have to repeat the process for all your projects.


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