Author Topic: CDB stops at breakpoint, call stack=empty window & no yellow triangle in editor  (Read 1397 times)

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This is my first post on this forum so do assume I am not that experienced with code::blocks.
As per the official directives to tell something to make sure I am not a bot: I have been programming C++ since 1995 starting in visual C 6.0.
I succeeded in installing a new compiler instance (VC2019) in the list of compilers and my C++ code compiles. (cl.exe, windows kit 10, compilers distributed with VC2019)
The problems begin when installing CDB: my demo program stops correctly but there is no indication of the current source line and the call stack window remains empty.
CDB came from my installation of the WDK as it is no longer distributed with the window kits (formerly known as SDK).
So my question: 1) As there are not many references to CDB, is code::blocks 20.X still compatible with the latest release of CDB?
                        2) If so, how can I make sure the current source line where the debugger stopped is indicated in the IDE with the yellow triangle?
                        3) How to make the call stack show what the current stack is.
PS: 1) possibly some command line options at the call for CDB are missing, but I did not find references to this. (Windows 11 pro, code blocks 20.03)
Many thanks for any advice. (printscreen attached)
PS: 2) My previous post was not accepted because the attachement was too long, but I could not repost; possibly I am cross posting by accident.
Best Regards,
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