Author Topic: C::B can't find my compilers on Termux  (Read 1063 times)

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C::B can't find my compilers on Termux
« on: January 03, 2024, 05:54:57 am »
so I'm using Termux to run C::B 20.03 on my android tablet. It has both gcc and clang, but a lot of the files are in weird places and C::B doesn't detect the compilers. When I open C::B, it says "Can't get the compiler for the active target, nor the project, nor the default one!" in the bottom field. When I try to create a new project, nothing shows up in the "compiler" field and when I try to type in it, nothing happens. I saw people recommending to go to settings->compiler->global compiler settings, but under settings->compiler I see nothing but "batch builds".

I know the compiler being in a different location is probably Termux's fault, and the missing settings might be because of the Termux repo's version of C::B, but surely there is some way to make it see the compilers?

Edit: I was able to get C::B running on userLand, if anyone wants to run C::B on android I recommend that method
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