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Fortran Compiler id's
« on: July 23, 2023, 08:42:05 am »
While the "G95 Fortran Compiler" and the "GNU Fortran Compiler" seem to be baked into compilergcc as there is neither a  compiler_g95.xml nor a compiler_gfortran.xml file, the Portland Group, Inc. Fortran compiler does have both a compiler_pgifortran.xml and a options_pgifortran.xml file. I'm guessing the compiler id for G95 is g95 and the GNU Fortran compiler id is gfortran. From options_pgifortran.xml  I see that the executable is pgfortran.exe,
similar to g95.exe but lacks a prefix like mingw32-gfortran.exe has. What I'm trying to wrap my head around is the following: whereas compiler_pgifortran.xml declares:

<CodeBlocks_compiler name="PGI Fortran Compiler"

I see the following up in plugins/contrib/FortranProject/

makefilegen.cpp:289:    else if (CompilerFactory::CompilerInheritsFrom(buildTarget->GetCompilerID(), "pgfortran"))

projectdependencies.cpp:488:        !CompilerFactory::CompilerInheritsFrom(comID, "pgfortran") &&

I'm wondering if these shouldn't be references to "pgifortran" instead of "pgfortran", or is there some kind of additional processing going on?