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Some GUI project settings.
« on: November 28, 2022, 09:51:53 pm »
Hello. I am not 100% sure that the question I am about to ask is appropriate but it appears it is a codeblocks project options issue that I am having.

So I have been building console apps for the last little while with C++ in codeblocks and have had no issues with the IDE until I have decided to start building GUI applications. At this stage if I set up a win32 gui project that obviously builds, and runs perfectly. The debug version of the basic template that Codeblocks sets up has the build option as a "console application" and the release version as a "GUI application". I added a WM_PAINT option to the WindowProcedure function and this builds and runs perfectly.

This is the setting in project options in the project created by the wizard as a win32 GUI application.

The funny thing that I have noticed is that if I set up an empty project or a console application project that has the same code as the template from the "win32 gui project" with the WM_PAINT option that I cannot use exactly the same settings as the "win32 GUI project" because I cannot leave the Debug version of the project as a "console application". Then it throws up an undefined reference which goes away if I make the debug setting a "gui application". I have checked every setting in both build options and in project options and they are exactly the same.

Am I making a basic error here?