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error translation in 'ccdebuginfo.cpp'

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In 'cb-13062\src\plugins\codecompletion\parser\ccdebuginfo.cpp:L202'

--- Code: ---txtFilter = new wxTextCtrl(Panel1, ID_TEXTCTRL1, _("*"), wxDefaultPosition, wxSize(401,21), 0, wxDefaultValidator, _T("ID_TEXTCTRL1"));
--- End code ---

Who could change this code  ? :
--- Quote ---_("*") => "*"
--- End quote ---

Miguel Gimenez:
This line is generated automatically by wxSmith, we can remove the _() but it will be there again whenever the wxs is opened.

Making wxSmith smarter may be a solution: if the string is empty or it only contains symbols, numbers or whitespace do not surround it with _().

@Miguel Gimenez
Thanks you.

I would wait for this improvement.
In the meantime I will try to filter this entry.

There is another place where a single * is found: line 69 in \src\plugins\contrib\SpellChecker\wxspellchecker\tools\AspellDictionaryDownloader.cpp.
It can be corrected here.

Miguel Gimenez:
That file is not part of any project. Anyway, I have removed _() from most strings (and added it to others) in r13069.


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