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error translation in 'ccdebuginfo.cpp'

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Miguel Gimenez:
r13070 removes _() in wxSmith-generated code if the string contains only non-alpha characters.

@Miguel Gimenez
The question has hardly been asked and the answer has arrived !!
I thank you for your permanent availability and your speed in solving problems.
I'm going back to the keyboard to test your solution with 'cb13071-wx321'

How to regenerate the code of  "...\cb-13071\src\plugins\codecompletion\parser\ccdebuginfo.cpp" and "*.h" ?

Miguel Gimenez:
If I understand correctly your question, open ccdenbuginfo.wxs from within C::B, change anything and revert the change. This will force rewriting of the cpp file.

Yes, this is the procedure I followed, but without success !
In nightly builds 'cb-13074' the file 'ccdebuginfo.cpp' still has a '_("*")' in it

Essay with : Win-7, cb-13071, wx-321, gcc-810

I have analysed the modified code of 'wxscodinglang.cpp' and I propose the following modification

--- Quote ---replace 'wxChar' by 'wxUniChar'  in line 196 :
--- End quote ---

--- Code: ---if (std::any_of(Source.begin(), Source.end(), [] (wxUniChar c) {return wxIsalpha(c);}))
--- End code ---
This solved the problem in my configuration:
--- Code: --- '_("*")' => _T("*")'
--- End code ---
Good Sunday.


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