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Can't find attiny441 in linux Code::Blocks avr toolchain

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I use Code::Blocks v 20.03 for Linux and GNU GCC Compiler for AVR. I can't find the ATtiny441 (neither ATTiny841) in the list of MCU. I add it in /usr/share/codeblocks/compilers/options_avr-gcc.xml and ~/.local/share/codeblocks/compilers/options_avr-gcc.xml but it never appears in the list when I make an avr project.
Yet ATtiny441 is in /usr/lib/avr/lib/ in fact in the linux avr toolchain.
In the compiler settings I add /usr/lib/avr/lib/ in toolchain executables additionnal paths
But nothing anywhere...
How I can add these mcu ?

can you share the modified xml files?

Miguel Gimenez:
Do not edit the files directly, just press right mouse button on the Compiler Flags pane (inside Global Compiler Settings) and add it.

Also if you are talking about the new project wizard, you have to right click on the AVR symbol and edit script to add new controllers


--- Quote from: BlueHazzard on June 27, 2022, 09:44:14 pm ---can you share the modified xml files?

--- End quote ---
Thanks for your reply. Yes, in attachment.

I can't editing the wizard script. It's in read only mode.


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