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Can't find attiny441 in linux Code::Blocks avr toolchain

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Why does Code::Blocks ignore my settings for the toolchain and why is the toolchain offered by Code::Blocks outdated compared to the one installed on Debian 11?
Why is the wizard script in readonly mode?
Why do I have to copy the file /usr/share/codeblocks/templates/wizard/avr/wizard.script to ~/.local/share/codeblocks/templates/wizard/avr/ so that right clicking on avr wizard does open  a read-write file?
Why does the CPU list not contain the ATtiny441 though I changed /usr/share/codeblocks/templates/wizard/avr/wizard.script AND ~/.local/share/codeblocks/templates/wizard/avr/wizard.script

Miguel Gimenez:
C::B does not supply a toolchain, just allows using whatever you have.

@Miguel Gimenez

In the compiler settings I add /usr/lib/avr/lib/ in toolchain executables additionnal paths

So why is there attiny441 and attiny841 in

ls /usr/lib/avr/lib/avr25/
(...) crtattiny441.o crtattiny461a.o crtattiny841.o (...)

and why compiling avr-gcc -g -mmcu=attiny441 -Wall -Os -c main.c does not return an error?

Where are Brian Sidebotham and H. Metin OZER  ?

The same on Windows10.
Installed avr-gcc-12.1.0-x64-windows from
Compiler settings on C:\Program Files (x86)\avr-gcc-12.1.0-x64-windows
additional paths C:\Program Files (x86)\avr-gcc-12.1.0-x64-windows\utils\bin
wizard script modified  and added attiny441
BUT NOTHING in the processors list
Wtf ???

The list is onyl for convenience, you always can add the mcu flag by hand in the compiler options of the project....

About your problem in linux, how do you have installed codeblocks? Some kind of installations can lead to codeblocks being installed as sudo so you can not modify the file by non sudo user

--- Quote from: moricef on July 01, 2022, 06:16:10 pm ---BUT NOTHING in the processors list

--- End quote ---
What list are you talking about? The list in the new project wizard, or the list in the compiler settings?
How do you install codeblocks on windows? The different installation methods lead to different search paths for the files...

PS. i till try to update the list


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