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compiler flags issue
« on: March 11, 2022, 04:11:40 am »
Hi, i am having problems when compiling in CB, my program is using threads so i need to use -lpthread as last compiler flag, but CB puts this option

need this: g++ -Wall -pedantic -std=c++11 main.cpp -o main -lpthread
have this:

-------------- Build: Debug in osy (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler)---------------

g++ -lpthread -pedantic -std=c++11 -Wall -g -Wall -fexceptions -lpthread -pedantic -std=c++11 -Wall  -c /home/samuel/Desktop/osy/main.cpp -o obj/Debug/main.o
g++  -o bin/Debug/osy obj/Debug/main.o   [url][/url]
obj/Debug/main.o: In function `prodArbitrageFunc(Info&)': [url][/url] , [url][/url]
/home/samuel/Desktop/osy/main.cpp:118: undefined reference to `sem_wait'
/home/samuel/Desktop/osy/main.cpp:124: undefined reference to `sem_post'

i am using pultiple -lpthread flag above because i tried to put it everywhere i could  :) ,
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Re: compiler flags issue
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2022, 05:52:17 am »
Compilation (source file) and linking (executable) are two separate steps.

You'll need to set -pthread within 'Compiler options' and -lpthread within 'Linker options'.