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Returning user comment
« on: October 19, 2021, 09:16:22 pm »
Hi. I tried Code::Blocks some years ago. I was developing on Windows at that time. I ran into some usability issues and also some bugs and tried to find solutions online but to no avail. I had so many issues that I decided not to spend any more time on it.

Recently I decided to try it again. Just a few days ago I downloaded Code::Blocks to my Linux PC. I was hoping that it would be a better experience. At first it seemed all right, but I wanted a dark color theme. So I went to the syntax highlighting feature and set everything to the colors I wanted. Very good, I thought.

I saved my project and reopened it later. Naturally I wanted to use the same color theme I had spent time setting up. Of course I expected, in line with modern user interfaces, that the project would load with the color theme I selected. This is a normal thing that would occur to any UI designer.

Unfortunately, I soon discovered that my color theme was not even saved, although the name appears on the list along with "default." But when I selected my new theme, the colors were the same as the default colors.

I could not see any obvous way to save a color theme. I did some searching online and found there is a process that involves the use of  a separate tool. Then I realized I could not locate the config file involved. This reminded me of the usability problems I had in the past. I wondered what more surprises lay in store for me.

Again, to make it very clear, I just want to make my own theme and name it, then save my project while that theme is in use, and then reopen my project later and have it appear with that same theme, or at least activate that theme when it is selected from the available themes. This should be a very easy task using the Code::Blocks UI and should not involve hunting for some other tool or for some config file.

I can't afford to spend any more time on this. I will go back to my default text editor. Maybe I will check back in the future and see if there are any helpful answers to my post.
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Re: Returning user comment
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2021, 02:29:10 am »
Looks like a rant with no technical info in it so the problem(s) can be reproduced in order to fix the problem(s).

Can you please supply the following:
1) OS details and version along with kernel version.
2) C::B details and version
3) Where you downloaded C::B from or if you used a package manager what PPA or equivalent was used
4) The exact steps you did to configure C::B and the steps between this and the OS reboot so the issue can be reproduced or looked at depending on the C::B version you are using.
5) Can you post the C::B config file (~/.config/codeblocks/default.config) after you have changed the color theme, but before you restart the OS.

Have you tried the latest nightly? If not, please try it.