Author Topic: Questions for creating new accounts should be more difficult and specific  (Read 1858 times)

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In the last month there are some new users (today they are AndyRiley and Badeentehe) who answer any old post adding a stupid sentence like "Thank you for posting this" or "I had the same problem". This looks like a lame method for building a fake-user database intended for spam campaigns in a near future.

These users should be ditched as soon as they appear, but I think the questions used for filtering new users should be changed to others more specific to the forum scope, for example "Release number before 17.12", "Name of the GUI library used to build C::B" or "Result of (25^98)|11".

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Yes, we're talking internally what to do. Morten increased the difficulty of the questions, but I'm not sure it is helping. :(
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Oh. So this is the reason why my registration was too hard  ;) It seemed the forum banned Firefox and Firefox based browser, as I have to switch to Chromium to be able to register. When I'm on Firefox, it's just redirect me to your home page at

I have a question: Before registered this account, I tried to register an account using DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser on my phone with name gh_origin but mistakenly end my email with, the true one should be I'm using with this account. I have a Gmail account but don't own the email address I mistakenly entered. The password I used is very simple since I think when I have that account registered I will change to another stronger password on the PC. Could you remove this gh_origin account? Because I think it's very easy for hackers to use tool to crack the password of it and I don't want to be framed.

My current password is generated by, so no hackers could crack it  ;)