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Using GOLD parser for the class browser

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Hi All!

The editor used by C::b, if I got right, is the wx style text control derived from "scintilla" style text control which can be easily used for any script/language by adding some sort of configuration file, etc.  All the source code for both wx style text control & "scintilla" style text control is already included in the wxWidgets source package.


Yes, but the class brower needs to parse non-open files. Thanks for the suggestion, tho.

As Guest (the other one, not me) suggested, I would use CTags. There's even a libctags or it can be built very easily from the ETags project. ETags is also blindingly fast, even faster than the VS.NET parser.

Where do we get the ctags and etags libraries & executables?

Joe M.

ctags -
etags - (??? - this doesn't have to be the correct link :) )


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