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Using GOLD parser for the class browser

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Joe M.

But I think what people want these days is a full intellisense IDE parser.  I could get ctags for ultraedit but would rather use an IDE suited to making programming easier.

Is there any way to build on top of ctags to do this.  On my first look at ctags, I noticed one could dynamically keep track of changes to file lines to make adjustments to the ctags line numbers for the file.  Indexing could be done off of the line numbers in the tags file with adjustments made to represent the change in the file.  When the file is saved, the tags file could be updated with the new line numbers.

   As for intellice, is it posibble to build on top of ctags to do something like intellisense?  What exactly is intellisense?  What features do people like about it?

Joe M.


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