Author Topic: Patch to Compiler RegEx file; fixes warning reported as error.  (Read 4521 times)

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Affects the MinGW GCC compiler when option "-Wmissing-include-dirs" is used.
File: options_common_re.xml
String: cc1plus.exe: warning: .objs\include: No such file or directory [enabled by default]

Index: src/plugins/compilergcc/resources/compilers/options_common_re.xml
--- src/plugins/compilergcc/resources/compilers/options_common_re.xml (revision 9838)
+++ src/plugins/compilergcc/resources/compilers/options_common_re.xml (working copy)
@@ -181,6 +181,12 @@
         <![CDATA[.*cc.*:[ \t]([Uu]nrecognized.*option.*)]]>
+    <RegEx name="Compiler warning (3)"
+           type="warning"
+           msg="2"
+           file="1">
+        <![CDATA[cc.*:[ \t][Ww]arning:(.*):[ \t](.*)]]>
+    </RegEx>
     <RegEx name="No such file or directory"

I am far from an expert on RegEx expressions and the Compiler Plugin; so, this patch needs tested.

Likely the easiest way to duplicate the issue is
1. Add -Wmissing-include-dirs
2. Delete folder .objs\include
3. Rebuild CB Target ConsoleRunner

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