Author Topic: DevC++ DevPack Problems with wxWidgets  (Read 4972 times)

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DevC++ DevPack Problems with wxWidgets
« on: November 16, 2005, 08:39:14 pm »

as you might have noticed, there are a few Problems when you want to Compile a wxWidgets Application
and have only the DevC++ wxWidgets-DevPacks installed.
E.g :
Code::Blocks Linker Settings = -lwxmsw
DevC++ Devpack Linker Settings = -lw_msw_2.6
Some of the include-path's are also pointing to the wrong directoreis, and so on.......

So I have Created a Custom "User Template" which works with the wxDevPack out of the Box.
You only have to adjust the "WX_DIR"-Variable......


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