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Anyone using CVS version? Testers needed...

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Sorry it was my mistake!

This works:
m_Commands[(int)ctLinkStaticCmd] = "lib $link_options $exe_output $link_objects";

Project   : DMC
Compiler  : Digital Mars Compiler (called directly)
Directory : C:\a_C\cbdmc\
Switching to target: staticlib
dmc.exe -mn -c       -o".objs\\sayhello.obj" "sayhello.cpp"
lib    -c -n -p32 "dmc_static.lib" ".objs\\sayhello.obj"
Digital Mars Librarian Version 8.00n
Copyright (C) Digital Mars 2000-2002 All Rights Reserved
Digital Mars Librarian complete.  
Process terminated with status 0 (0 minutes, 0 seconds)
0 errors, 0 warnings

Hakki Dogusan

> Editor color theme is now configured completely (yes, even the editor's background Smile )
How can I change background color for editor ?
When I change background color for "default", only backround under text is changed. It will be good also to have possibility to change foregroun color for all items.
For example I prefer black color for background, but then I can not see lot of thinks, becouse foreground color is also black and I can not change it.


You 're right, I forgot to add that it would be a good idea to clear the configuration first. To achieve this, launch CB with the cmd line switch "--clear-configuration". This will make CB like it was just installed.


About compilers - is there a way to provide a regex for errors/warnings? Different compilers do them differently (say, file name and line separation, some also have character number), and I guess this is the reason I don't see many in the "Compiler messages" tab.

P.S. Lint can also be seen as a compiler :-)


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