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Anyone using CVS version? Testers needed...

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Hi guys.

Some great new features have made it in the CVS version of codeblocks and I need some more people testing them (especially one specific feature, noted below).

Major updates are:
[*]Editor color theme is now configured completely (yes, even the editor's background  :)  )
[*]Support for unlimited, user-defined, editor color themes.
[*]Import/export codeblocks configuration from/to text file (import not implemented yet). Available for all the configuration settings, or parts of them (user-selectable)
[*]Libraries used for linking got separated from other linker options (mostly interested here)
[*]Project file format changed subtly because of the last point, but conversion is handled automatically on first-time open of older projects[/list:u]
Feedback is welcome for all of the above, but I am mostly interested for feedback on the linking libraries handling. The reason is that any bug/mistake with this, can break the build system and we don't want that, do we?  8)
As a sidenote: keep a backup of your project files first. Better be safe than sorry ;)


Hi Yiannis,

Yes I'm using CVS version.

(And You didn't commit compilerDMC yet ;-))

Though I saw the changes about seperating res from linker objects.

I'll look closely about mentioned "Major updates".

Hakki Dogusan

Hey Hakki,

What a coincidence! Just seconds ago, I sent you a mail talking about the brand new DigitalMars support (thanks to you)!


Hi Yiannis,

Thanks for accepting my tiny contribution.

Following is my current DMC switches:

    m_Commands[(int)ctCompileObjectCmd] = "$compiler -mn -c $options $includes -o$object $file";
    m_Commands[(int)ctCompileResourceCmd] = "$rescomp -32 $options -I$res_includes -o$resource_output $file";
    m_Commands[(int)ctLinkExeCmd] = "$linker /NOLOGO /subsystem:windows -WA $link_options $link_objects, $exe_output, , $libs, , $link_resobjects";
    m_Commands[(int)ctLinkConsoleExeCmd] = "$linker /NOLOGO $link_options $link_objects, $exe_output, , $libs";
    m_Commands[(int)ctLinkDynamicCmd] = "$linker /NOLOGO /subsystem:windows -WD $link_options $link_objects, $exe_output, , $libs, , $link_resobjects";
    m_Commands[(int)ctLinkStaticCmd] = "lib $static_output /C $link_options , $link_objects";

- I think we need $res_options variable
- Where do I enter $res_includes values?
- I successfully compiled console, win targets
- I'll work on for the others (wx targets compiles but not links:

 Error 42: Symbol Undefined ?wxGlobalSEInformation@@3PAU_EXCEPTION_POINTERS@@A (_EXCEPTION_POINTERS *wxGlobalSEInformation)
 Error 42: Symbol Undefined _TIFFGetTagListEntry
 Error 42: Symbol Undefined _TIFFGetTagListCount

I think it is not related about IDE settings.

I'll work on these..

Hakki Dogusan

Hi, me again :)

Please change settings for static lib with the following:

    m_Commands[(int)ctLinkStaticCmd] = "lib $link_options $static_output $link_objects";

DMC happily compiles "$static_output.lib" with this settings ;-))

We need $static_output value replacement...

Hakki Dogusan

ps: You want to see Code::Blocks in action ? Here it is :)

Project   : DMC
Compiler  : Digital Mars Compiler (called directly)
Directory : C:\a_C\cbdmc\
Switching to target: staticlib
dmc.exe -mn -c       -o".objs\\sayhello.obj" "sayhello.cpp"
lib    -c -n -p32 $static_output ".objs\\sayhello.obj"
Digital Mars Librarian Version 8.00n
Copyright (C) Digital Mars 2000-2002 All Rights Reserved
Digital Mars Librarian complete.  
Process terminated with status 0 (0 minutes, 0 seconds)
0 errors, 0 warnings


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