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cb_console_runner - problem in WXP
« on: May 19, 2008, 05:03:48 pm »
Hi there,

I would be grateful for any ideas to solve the following problem:
When I set up a console application project, the program is run via
cb_console_runner.exe with a command line parameter '$path;(what_you_write_in_filed_"working_directory")'.
The console shows just message that the program finished with some nonzero number.
May the bug be in the form of passing variable PATH? In WXP the value is accessed by %PATH%.
Or is the reason somehow deeper? Running one simple file (not a project) it is all right - the project variable "working_directory" is not used in this case. I am using CB w32 night build 5020.

Thanks a lot. Lukas Chvatal


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Re: cb_console_runner - problem in WXP
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2008, 09:34:45 am »
I found partial solution

in menu Project-Properties-Build targets- I unchecked "Pause until ..."
The the program is started directly (and can be paused by system("pause") )

If it is checked, the execution command is bellow in 2dn line of CB log window:
Checking for existence: c:\Documents and Settings\luke\Dokumenty\diplomka\BF_num\gaps\gaps.exe
Executing: "C:\CodeBlocks/cb_console_runner.exe" PATH=$PATH;. "c:\Documents and Settings\luke\Dokumenty\diplomka\BF_num\gaps\gaps.exe"  (in C:\Documents and Settings\luke\Dokumenty\diplomka\BF_num\gaps)
The cb_console_runner.exe should not take the middle argument, so there is evidently something wrong.