Author Topic: How to install C::B on cygwin?  (Read 7527 times)

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Re: How to install C::B on cygwin?
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The best way, to test your application, is to have an dedicated Linux machine(s) with the OS the same as the major target Linux distribution(s).
Next, is dual booting Linux on your PC for final testing of application.
Third, is using an Virtual machine under your Windows OS.

What do you know about Linux?
Do you know that Linux distributions very a lot?
Having one binary package for Linux distributions is very hard to do for complex applications and sometimes for simple applications.
What is the top three Linux distributions you are targeting?

Edit: I am trying out Cooperative Linux from to test Linux Builds right now.
It is a special type of Virtual machine solution, andLinux is based on an older version of Cooperative Linux.

Tim S

A friend finally allowed me to use his machine(running Linux) to build and test my code. Thank godness! But I will try use a VM after getting this project done.

Many thanks!
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