Author Topic: [wxSmith] managing app-gui in varios files  (Read 2966 times)

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[wxSmith] managing app-gui in varios files
« on: June 24, 2007, 04:48:14 pm »
hi Byo,

maybe there is allready a way for doing this...

would'nt it be fine to have for instance a notebook and all its pages were in seperate files? i mean: you set up your app with wxSmith, a regular frame app, with menu, taskbar, and some widgets and one of these is for instance a notebook. and the pages of this notebook were not in the same file as this mainframe, but added through wxSmith as new panel (with the function in the menue "add wxPanel"), and these panels are inserted into the appframe in the wxs interface. something like the button for custom items, but more like a list popping up letting you chosse between wxPanels you allready designed or asking you to design one now (similar to the function in the menue "add wxPanel"), and this panel gets inserted visually, with its headers, its name and everything... trying to edit the inserted panel throws you to the wxs-file of it in the visual editor.

maybe the panel is inserted just as a slightly greyed out image of the actual panel to have an impresion on how it actually looks, but when you click it, it throws you to its file like above mentioned. the same for the panel itself: once inserted in another frame it shows a greyed-out image of this and manages you to that file, should you click it.

well, i don't know, if this sounds very practical nor doable for anybody, but i am doing an app with a wxTreebook and a lot of rather complex pages dealing each a rather closed bundle of the apps function and its a big blur having all the pages allways present in one file and having to compile this file (its rather large) every time i change one page or compiling the whole thing when i just want to add one page and the others didn't change.

yes, i know that i can do this manually, and i'm doing it like that right now, but would'nt it be nice...  :D

so much for csting wishes...  :D

greetings and regards

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Re: [wxSmith] managing app-gui in varios files
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2007, 11:16:35 pm »

It's very interesting feature. I've already been thinking about this but rather in long-term plans.

Currently I focus mainly on bug-fixing and can not grant any specific date when it will be implemented. You can fill feature request so it's more certain that it will be implemented.