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Feature Request: Inherited properties/settings
« on: April 09, 2006, 02:23:32 pm »

Visual Studio 2005 has one new feature that I particularly like, and that we are using a lot already in our research centre: property sheet inheritance. A property sheet is an xml file much like the .vcproj files, that contain some build properties and settings (include dirs, extra libraries to link, output dirs, ...). A project can import such a property sheet, and it will use all the properties of the sheet, unless you overwrite the settings in the project itself.
This is much more powerfull than template projects, because when a bunch of your projects inherit the same sheet, you can just change a setting in the property sheet and all the projects automagically change their settings.

I don't know how deep in codeblocks the .cbp handling sits, but the codeblocks source code seems quite readable, so if nobody else wants to implement this I'll probably give it a try (but I don't have that much spare time and I have to learn the codeblocks source code/style first).

And thanks for this great product already!


P.S. I didn't really know where to post feature requests, so I hope it's not in the wrong forum. Maybe you guys should add a "feature request" group to the bug database
Edit: I just found the "feature request" section :lol: Should I post this at that place?
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Re: Feature Request: Inherited properties/settings
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2006, 03:06:36 pm »
Maybe you guys should add a "feature request" group to the bug database
if nobody else wants to implement this I'll probably give it a try

Regarding feature requests in general:
a) There is a feature request entry on the project page (next to the one for bugs)
b) We are not adding any more features than those that are on the roadmap already. It is even possible that we may not be able to implement everything that is listed on there.

Regarding this specific feature request:
As can be seen on the roadmap, the compiler framework is being worked over for the next release. This includes a generalisation of global user variables as well as the way a compiler is defined and project settings are handled.
By coincidence, the new system may (apart from other things) offer similar functionality to what you describe in Visual Studio 2005 (I wouldn't know because I don't use Visual Studio, nor is VS feature compatibility desired in any way ;)).
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