Author Topic: While creating second wxFrame - objects like mpWindows are not available  (Read 701 times)

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I've got one question about wxSmith while worikng with CodeBlock.

I've create application that can do simple signal processing. For a while now, I've only been using only one wxFrame called "Naukaframe.wxs", and few mpWindow placed on it, however i needed to create another wxFrame called "Okno_startowe.wxs" with few seperated mpWindows on it.

While i was creating another wxFrame "Okno_startowe.wxs" I was not able to chose anything from Aui/Contrib/MathPlot tabs, however if i change back to main wxFrame, these tabs are still available.

Let me show you what i mean with pictures.

Here is main opened "Naukaframe.wxs"

And here is second one created without available tabs.

What can be the problem in here? How can i solve this?

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