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Find implementation of broken or not work
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:17:19 pm »
Hi All:
After I created a class.  Then I add a method void testit(); manually.  Then I swap header/source go to the source file and added the implementation code there.  Save them.
Then in the header file I highlight the "testit", use "right mouse button"->"Find implementation of:'testit'" try to find the implementation of testit().  CB reprots error.
Warning: Not found: testit.
If in source file I use "right-mouse"->insert-> "All classes without implementation"  method, CB reports  "no classes declared or no un-implemented class methods found"

I also open a previous cbp file which works for "Find implementation of".  But after I add a new method.  This function no longer works.

All include folders and referenced paths are added in the project searching path or compiler searching path.

the old post  does not solve the problem. 

Even a default constructor method of automatically created class cannot be found by "Find implementation of".

My CB version is 16.01.