Author Topic: Why I got Error - "No such file or directory"?  (Read 21183 times)

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Add the search paths for linker and compiler in the appropriate tabs, use the button with the "..." to add them.
Try it without 8.3-notation.
Add the libs just once (either per target or per project) in the library tab.

All these steps I already did and they generated errors as you can see in the first post. I see no sense for this, I tried it many times so why should I again. The errors clearly said that the path "files/AMD" does not exist. When I see something what looks like apple so it's apple.

I don't understand why the -I directory is repeated twice. Maybe they are not the same meaning when first is preceded by -g

In the project file there is one mention of the path for Debug and one for Release.

Also I don't understand why it says cannot find -lrefu.dll but here we are:

In the project file Build -> Debug - this path is OK.
But Build -> Release
there is
<Add library="refu.dll" />

Now corrected. Errors 0.

I have no idea why it was changed in the file, why the rows were not same value. Thanks for assistance.
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