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(SOLVED) add Folder /Data in the project-folder
« on: June 27, 2011, 06:16:31 pm »
i hope that General are the right place...
i'm working the first time with cb , otherwise (ubuntu 10.10) on the console with gcc , g++....
opencv & opengl & libfreenect (kinec).... all ok
but now i will work with cb -> kinect with OpenNi...
in the mailinglist of openni google groups gives a cb-template .
under cb build and run OK
for learning by doing i want make a clone of this template
i have make the first steps in cb (a little opencv-project, and opengl-project not with cb-Glut-template....)
the openni-cb-template have following source-tree:
 - workspace
   -> NiSimpleViewer (project)
        -> Data (xml-file)
        -> src    (NiSimpleViewer.cpp)

now my neebwie question
1) how can  i add the Data-folder the project
2) how can i change the normal source-folder into src-folder

thanks for help , hints and tips

excuse my bad english
regards nomad
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