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Achilles' heel for Codeblocks
« on: March 13, 2011, 04:01:55 pm »

Firstly! About my "Break lines with printf" thread.

Ok, ok.  :( I' m sorry very much  . It seemed me so sweet 'asymmetry' (with parenthesis and so)...  It was an automatic/spasmodic response and I did not think... I think. :P My whole fault!. I beg you to remove my shameful thread for forum cleanliness. However if you consider than it serves as a warning...  :lol:


I believe the current best C++ IDE in the world is Codeblocks (undoubtly). But is there a (exhaustive, realistic and official) weak points list for Codeblocks (regarding competitors)? a To-Do list is similar but not exactly. It would be interesting!  :)

Thank you very much!

Sorry for my tragic English.

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