Author Topic: Those Plugin do not support International well...  (Read 2858 times)

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Those Plugin do not support International well...
« on: November 29, 2009, 05:09:42 am »
(A) Autosave : (everything ok but Title)

file : plugins\autosave\autosave.h
line : 49
class/function : AutosaveConfigDlg/GetTitle

-virtual wxString GetTitle() const { return _T("Autosave"); }
+virtual wxString GetTitle() const { return _("Autosave"); }


(B) ThreadSearch : (Title  and Menu item )
    config dlg 's tile (GetTile) is same as above.   

    It's menu item (under View) disappear after the code::blocks use non-english resource (.mo file).
   And the  other one (under Search) can not be translate.
    file :    \plugins\contrib\ThreadSearch\ThreadSearch.cpp
    class/function : ThreadSearch::BuildMenu
     line : 277
    -int idx = menuBar->FindMenu(wxT("&View"));
    +int idx = menuBar->FindMenu(_("&View"));
      line : 313
      -menu->Insert(i, idMenuSearchThreadSearch, wxT("Thread search"),
                                _("Perform a Threaded search with the current word"));

      +menu->Insert(i, idMenuSearchThreadSearch, _("Thread search"),
                                _("Perform a Threaded search with the current word"));

     BTW: step1 : I did a ThreadSearch, and got some result (show in ListView).
             step2 : I resize the ThreadSearch Panel (by mouse drag), NOW, the result disappear (ListView auto been clear), and I have to reclicked the search button.  It's funny. ;)

(C) Browse Tracker   (this plugin's config dlg can't be translate at all ).

(D) Keyboard shortcuts (GetTitle OK, but the dlg control can't be translate)
  with these lable : "Key profile:"
   "New shortcut:"
    "Currently assigned to:"
 and those button:
    Add new
    Remove all

(E) Help  Plugin
   If c::b use International language, every time I  close(by click "OK" button) the Environment setting Dialog,  the "Help" menu will "grow" .... see also :,9230.0.html

   file : src\plugins\contrib\help_plugin\help_plugin.cpp
   class/function : HelpPlugin::RemoveFromHelpMenu

   line :  399
  -int pos = m_pMenuBar->FindMenu(_("Help"));
  +int pos = m_pMenuBar->FindMenu(_("&Help"));

   see also : line 364.

 (F) HexEditor..
   If c::b use International language, the "Open with HexEditor" menu item will always shown at the last position of "File" Menu.

   file : src\plugins\contrib\HexEditor\HexEditor.cpp
   line : 136
   class/function : HexEditor::BuildMenu

   -if ( label.Contains( _("Open...")) )
   +if ( label.Contains( _("&Open...")) )

 (G) Man/Html pages viewer
      maybe it isn't a plugin?   Title of this window  can't be translate. (but "Search" button can)

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Re: Those Plugin do not support International well...
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2009, 05:51:03 pm »
I applied your suggestions already for cases :