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"open #include file" bug
« on: July 31, 2015, 12:26:37 pm »
(i dont know where to report bugs, so im just gonna do it here) - using codeblocks 13.12 for windows

if you have a folder called "curlpp" in your include folder, and a file called "Easy.hpp" in your curlpp folder, and the curlpp/Easy.hpp contain the code
#include "internal/OptionList.hpp"
and inside your curlpp folder have a folder called "internal", and inside your internal folder, have a file called OptionList.hpp,
and in your project have a file called main.cpp containing the code
#include <curlpp/Easy.hpp>
then open the main.cpp in codeblocks, you can right-click on the #include <curlpp/Easy.hpp>  line, and you will get an option called "Open #include file curlpp/Easy.hpp" , and if you click it, codeblocks will open the include/curlpp/Easy.hpp file. now if you left-click on the #include "internal/OptionList.hpp"  line, you will get an option called "Open #include file internal/OptionList.hpp" , and if you click on that option, i would expect codeblocks to open the include/curlpp/internal/OptionList.hpp , like the compiler does. However, codeblocks will instead give you an error:
Not found: internal/OptionList.hpp
i guess this is a bug  :P
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