Author Topic: The parsing flow explanation by a simple example  (Read 10274 times)

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The parsing flow explanation by a simple example
« on: July 24, 2013, 07:32:48 am »
If we have a foo.cbp (located in e:/foo/), which contains 5 files below:

foo.cbp has custom compiler include search path: c:/wx/include
foo.cbp has custom macro definition __GNUWIN32__ and __WXMSW__

we have prioirty file setting in CodeCompletion dialog:
"prep.h",<wxprep.h>, "stdafx.h"

We use mingw compiler which is located in d:/mingw463/

Now, we are going to parse this project.

1, Parser's include paths:
   add project common folder to Parser object: e:/foo
   add project setting search path c:/wx/include
2, Compiler's buildin include paths
    add d:/mingw463/include
   add d:/mingw463/lib/gcc/i686-w64-mingw32/4.6.3/include

3, Compiler's buildin Preprocessor macros:
   run GCC -dM command, get a buffer like:
   #define __DBL_MIN_EXP__ (-1021)
   #define __UINT_LEAST16_MAX__ 65535
   #define __FLT_MIN__ 1.17549435082228750797e-38F
   #define __UINT_LEAST8_TYPE__ unsigned char
   #define _WIN32 1
4,  Project's preprocessor macros:
   #define __GNUWIN32__
   #define __WXMSW__
5,   Search all the setting priority files in the above include paths
   "prep.h" was found under e:/foo/ -> it is a local priority header
   <wxprep.h> was found under c:/wx/include -> it is a global priority header
   "stdafx.h" not find in any paths, skip
6,  Create a ParserThreadTask thread, waiting for ThreadDone event.

7, in ParserThreadTask executing, did the following:
   7.1 parse preprocessor macros gothered from step3 and step4
   7.2 parse priority headers, in our example, it is c:/wx/include/wxprep.h and e:/foo/prep.h
   7.3 parse a.h and b.h
   7.4 parse a.cpp and b.cpp
   7.5 parse system priority header again, which is c:/wx/include/wxprep.h in our case
   7.6 mark a.h b.h a.cpp b.cpp as local parsed files
8, Done

BTW: it looks like the step7 is quite complex, it involve a lot of Timer tick and Thread creation.


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