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Title: wxWmith wizard doesn't work in case of DMC
Post by: hirofield on September 09, 2009, 06:52:17 am

I'm testing the combination of C::B 8.02, Digital Mars C++ compiler 8.50 (including STLPort STLport 4.5.3), and wxWidgets 2.8.10.   But wxSmith wizard generates script errors (refer to the attachment).

I know that free DMC can build debug/static/non-UNICODE/non-monolithic wxWidgets library, so I choose the options suitable for this environment in the wizard.

I took a look at the templates/wizard/wxwidgets/wizard.script, but I couldn't find out any dmc related code in the script (Wizard.GetCompilerID(), _T("dmc")).

I guess this might cause the malfunction of the wizard (some variables are left NULL), but curious to say, one of my acquaintances says that he has no experiences of this error with almost the same environment as me. :shock:

Please tell me if there are any operation error.
Are there any tricks that I cannot find out in the wizard script? :roll:



[attachment deleted by admin]