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Title: Debugger breakpoints don't go away
Post by: killerbot on January 14, 2006, 06:13:04 pm
This is what I did and do to reproduce (rev 1754)

Pre steps : have CB compiled (and done the update step ..)

Start CB (from output) load the cb project, have cbeditor.cpp open, put a breakpoint on the first line of the function cbEditor::SetProjectFile (for exampl on thet fist if test). Start debugger, launches Cb second time), open in this debug CB a project (for example Keybinder plug-in project), click in it's  project tree on cbkeybinder.cpp -> you end up at th breakpoint,  continue debuggin, you end up there a second time, continue debugiing. --> In the debug CB the file has opened now. In the first CB remove the breakpoint we hve put, click on the red dot in the gutter -> red dot is gone now, inthe debug CB double click on keybinder.cpp in the projct tree -----> we end up again at our 'removed' breakpoint.

Title: Re: Debugger breakpoints don't go away
Post by: 280Z28 on January 14, 2006, 07:20:57 pm
It doesn't like sending commands to gdb while the program is actively running. I'm pretty sure the plugin's creator knows about this issue and maybe a few others. Here are the things I'd like to it able to send to gdb at any point while the debugger is active:

Set breakpoint
Clear breakpoint
HALT = Ctrl+C, stop exactly where the program is so you can run a backtrace on it and see, for example, what part of the program you are in while C::B gui froze up for a sec.